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default Гурен

Писане by Иноуе Орихиме on Съб Дек 05, 2009 3:40 pm

Име: Гурен
As a child, Guren came from a small village where she was shunned by others because she had unique powers. Later, Orochimaru appeared and destroyed the entire village single-handedly. He was intrigued by Guren's powers and offered for her to come with him. Guren chose to follow him because she envied his power.

At some point, Orochimaru sent her to destroy another town in order to test her potential. However, after doing this she passed out, due to the over-usage of her powers. When she woke up, she found herself to have been healed by a woman, who she would later discovered to be Yūkimaru's mother. Guren returned to Orochimaru but, in order to keep his approval, he forced Guren to kill the woman. Wanting Orochimaru to accept her, she sadly killed the one who had cared for her.

Guren quickly became one of Orochimaru's most powerful and loyal subordinates. Eventually, she was offered the chance to become one of Orochimaru's future vessels. When Sasuke Uchiha defected from Konohagakure and Kimimaro was no longer a suitable vessel for Orochimaru, Guren became the next best choice in Orochimaru's eyes. Unfortunately, by the time she arrived, Orochimaru couldn't wait any longer and instead chose Gen'yūmaru. Feeling no longer of use to Orochimaru, Guren went into isolation.

Джутсу: Crystal Armor
Crystal: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken
Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken
Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance
Crystal Release: Arrow of Light
Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit
Crystal Release: Crystal Encampment Wall
Crystal Release: Crystal Needles
Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal Prison
Crystal Release: Giant Crystal Dart
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Mirror
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Prison
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eighth Formation
Crystal Release: Shuriken Wild Dance
Crystal Release: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon
Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique
Jade Crystal Clone Technique
Pressure Points of Harm and Death
Telescope Technique
Иноуе Орихиме
Мъглив Шиноби
Мъглив Шиноби

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default Re: Гурен

Писане by Йошико Харуко on Съб Дек 05, 2009 3:59 pm

Одобрена .
Йошико Харуко
Мъглив Шиноби
Мъглив Шиноби

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